When did the romance and sex in your marriage cease to exist

In a perfect world, things are supposed to be perfect.  But this is not a perfect world, so we work with the cards we were dealt.  Marriage is suppose to be the place where sexual drive and desires are fulfilled.  Why do we have so much porn, prostitution and adultery in our society?  Not all societies are so Sodom and Gomorrah.  America is full of it, but that is not the way it has to be.  This blog is to suggest and promote better living and greater marriages, as well as contribute to society.  Take it or leave it.  Read and be inspired or go to the next blog.  It takes work to hold a marriage together.  Couples start out so in love.  Then comes the “real” world.  Why leave out what began a beautiful relationship.  Hopefully your relationship was more than romance.  Attraction to the entire being is what we should aim at.  Go beyond the romance and desire for sex but then, keep the romance and great sex alive.  Don’t give your partner a reason to not be interested anymore.  Don’t leave cracks in your marriage.  There is always someone out there that the tempter will try to use to take your place.  Strong commitment to your marriage vows work, but be real.  God gave us our desires.  Be faithful to your partners needs.  Keep the love alive!

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Gay marriage and the President

  You knew it was coming.  It shouldn’t shock anyone.  Maybe Joe Biden’s big mouth brought it on a little faster.  Oh well!  LOL  I really don’t want to make a big deal about this.  But I did change the entire headline of this blog to fit the subject.  I’ve meant to write about it for a while now.  I just didn’t want to deal with it but looks like I need to comment on it.  Well, it’s late right now and I don’t want to just throw together something halfheartedly so I will wait til tomorrow or another time!

God did design marriage to be between a man and woman.  Gays are really just trying to get around a few things but if I wanted to be able to have some rights legally with a roommate I think that should be okay too.  Not really!  Just making a point here!  I’ll have more to say later!  In the meantime God loves us all but He hates the sin…what ever it may be.  So that’s why He sent Jesus!

No need to start a riot!

Love, Wandafay

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Marriage Relationships

Tonight is Easter/Resurrection Sunday Evening 2011.  What do I know about relationships since I am alone, divorced for 21 years, and the marriage I had was a wreck?  What am I doing here?  Well, I am the best qualified person under those circumstances to be talking about marriage relationships.  I have a lot of insight.  And I still have a dream!

Maybe this will simply turn into a journal, my journal.  Right now if I were married to “the man of my dreams” first of all we would be getting along, best friends, co-operating with each other.  Some of the mistakes I made are explained here.  I’ll tell others later.  Number one rule before you get married is to get to know that person  preferably from the inside out, spiritually first.

If you put the cart (sex) before the horse (marriage) you really are not trusting God.  He doesn’t want you to get things wrong and that is not His way of doing things.  He wants to bless you and your marriage but when you mess up like I did you really bring a curse on yourself, family, marriage.  No one wins when you do it wrong.

And I do want to also say that I am not condemning anyone who did it wrong like I did.  And if you did it that way and you have a wonderful marriage I am very happy for you!  Many many marriages started out this way and I am not here to judge you!  I am just telling you my story and what I might do differently!

I am so glad I am finally talking about this.  There is such a need for the world to know these things.  But Hollywood and society say it’s okay to do things wrong.  They don’t show you the consequences.  Even though I am a few years older than most wanna be brides I can really tell you some things.

Do me a favor.  Do you a favor.  Briefly I just want to tell you!  Try to get to know that person you plan to be with for the rest of your life.  Get to know each others heart first.  Go through a few seasons together, some ups and downs.  Find out how each other handles stress, normal life and those really hard times.  Hopefully you won’t have many but don’t be afraid of the challenges of life that give you an opportunity to learn how to stay calm, don’t panic, pray with each other, and allow the right decisions to be made in each circumstance.

Here is a great story about 6 Couples Share Their True Love Stories | Reader’s Digest Version.  These are great stories about successful relationships.

There is SO MUCH to tell.  I hope someone will listen to me as I come back and tell more another time.  I hope I won’t be too long.  Thank you for reading and I welcome any comments.

Happy Easter/Resurrection Sunday and may God bless your relationship and marriage!

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Judge Legislates from The Bench Overturns “We the people” vote on Prop 8

Headlines read “The World Did Not collapse after Prop 8 Decision Yes it did! For a judge to over rule “we the people” is a terrible thing. For a judge to legislate from the bench is a terrible thing! So yes, the world in America, in the State of California did collapse. People all over this country and world have fell for the lie, the cover up!

It’s no longer about what the constitution federal or state says…it’s about what liberals want.

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To Celebrate the New California Ruling on Gay Marriage!

In celebration of the new ruling on “Gay” marriage I am posting my first blog on my newest blog!  So my prayer is to absolutely GOD BLESS EVERY marriage in America between a man and a woman!  My faith knows that for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to be born, live, do miracles and die for the sins of all.  But He also ordained Marriage to be between a man and a woman!

So yes!  This is America, land of the free, home of the brave and laws may not always line up with God’s view on things, but I as a free citizen blog my right of free speech and ask God to bless all marriages between men and woman today in celebration of the new ruling today!  LOL

And I REALLY MEAN it!  I ask God to BLESS!  marriages between men and woman!  And I pray for all gays, lesbians and perverts for God to touch them and draw them to Jesus and for their soul to be saved.  Jesus really does love you!  He loves you so much He does not want you to die and go to hell!

Now!  No HATE comments against me and my views because that would be HATE and RACISTS!

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